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Responsive day out 2 (my notes)

Responsive Day Out 2: The Squishening

Friday, 27 June 2014 · The Corn ExchangeBrightonEngland.

The Responsive Day Out is an affordable, enjoyable gathering of UK designers and developers sharing their workflow strategies, techniques, and experiences with responsive web design.

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Responsive Workflow
.stop working on silos and start working together
.core content strategy. Stop Squishering.
.find out the key business goals
.where we should we send the user, after they are solved their primary task
.if you have a small screen, how you priorate this elements
.after this process we star sketching on paper and continue with photoshop
.being device agnostic and Mobile First it is the best approach, the device doesn’t tell you anything about the content
.donation on mobile and memberships on tablet and mobile are 10-15 increasing

The CSS grid layout

.media-queries principles
.grid-template-row, grid-template-column syntax and grid template areas: grid-template-area
.creating a 16 column grid using the repeat syntax
.flexbox or grid-: grid is more for big design where flexbox is more for tiny things

Further info:

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Design evolution
.RWD basic definition and principles
.being device agnostic: universality accessibility
.looking at: and user-agents
.what capabilities help is to make good decisions?
.uses a regex to scope the CSS: data-width~=”10em”
.progressive enhancement must be universal

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Realistic RWD
.talking about the Ubuntu redesign
.It is all about you
.make a plan: list you r constrains, be patience…go shopping devices
.what devices? Have a look at trends or logs, if there are a lot of issues with one specific device get that device too
.if you have one hour, what you can do to improve you website?
.focus on re-use and have clear goals
.create a responsive but also reusable code

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Ethan Marcotte (@beep)

.Story about the tree … pando tree!

.Component design

.How we coin the concept

.Talking about responsive video, design re-design

.CSS frameworks: Using frameworks for prototype are cool, for production are too heavy and we want something more light-weight.

.We want to create an illusion of life video:

.Responsive quality and expectations

.We standard today and their problems

.What’s next after this: It is all about you

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Conference Audio



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