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You may not be ready for this yet, but your kids are gonna love it

The number of devices connected to the web is out of control. Sometimes companies don’t get the real view of the problem:

Everything is “connected” or it will be.

Everyone gets connected and If you don’t have your website enabled on existing Mobile, Tablets, Laptops & Game Consoles and ready for future technologies like internet cars, window internet, google glasses, internet on kitchen and whatever is about to come. Then, “you are going to be losing customers.”

The growing number of devices has a dramatic impact on business and how to make business. One of the problems of getting more visits is to give the user the opportunity to connect from every device whenever he wants to connect to the service, and if we are not there someone else is going to be.

Device fragmentacion Android

There are a few good solutions for this problem, even so these are not magic bullets, but these methodologies are giving us a better chance to get good results, if you use it properly (Responsive Web Design: the Good Parts)

The Responsive Web Design idea is not new, what is new is how we are thinking. RWD it became very popular because it gives us a solution this problem and fit with Mobile First and Progressive Enhancement perfectly

Responsive Web Design is also considered good practice and is recommended by Google also free to use, no licences are required.

We can use device detection or user-agent sniffing, but be aware these are not recommended and are also considered as bad practice. There not better or worse methodologies, is always about the project goal.

In brief, you can start thinking about the future-friendly development NOW or

You May Not Be Ready For This Yet, But Your Kids Are Gonna Love It



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